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'Hotel Chocolat' style chocolate slab recipe

In Hotel Chocolat you would expect to pay a whopping £15-£20 for one of their delicious chocolate slabs. This post will show you how to make one just as nice and will cost you only £3-£4 to make! They make excellent gifts when wrapped in cellophane and can be customised to suit the gift receiver!

For my chocolate slab I decided to make a milk and white chocolate bar with crushed shortbread biscuits, almonds, cranberries, and white chocolate pieces…


250g Dairy milk chocolate
100g bar of cheap white chocolate (cheap white chocolate is just as tasty in my opinion)
a few shortbread biscuits
a handful of cranberries and almonds.


1) Using a bain-marie melt all of the milk chocolate. When melted, spread over a baking tray lined with kitchen foil. You can make the chocolate into any shape you like!
2) Then, melt 85g of the white chocolate and swirl over the milk chocolate making a pattern.
3) Finally, simply sprinkle over the chosen toppings and left over white chocolate broken into chunks. Place in the fridge to set and enjoy!

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Maison Bleu ‘The unconventional fish restaurant’ REVIEW


Maison Bleu is a French fish restaurant situated in the heart of Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk. Despite labeling itself as a ‘fish restaurant’ the menu offers a variety of non-fish dishes including duck, veal and steak. Although the prices are expensive, this would be the perfect place to dine on special occasions. All of the staff are French adding to the authentic atmosphere and are there not only to wait but also to give their opinions on wines and cheeses to suit your taste.



I automatically decided that I would choose a fish dish for my main course considering the restaurant is renowned for it’s fish! Therefore, to start I chose the Duck foie gras. The dish was made up of three different layers, a layer of duck confit embedded in between two layers rich and delicious foie gras. The foie gras was faultless, however, I would have preferred the dish to be served with either bread or toast as opposed to brioche, which I thought was too sweet. 



I had great difficulty choosing what to have for my main course as there was so much choice. After a long while deciding I decided to have the Sea Bass which was served with a mushroom and bacon sauce and an onion puree. I am not the biggest fan of fish but it was lovely. The onion puree complemented perfectly the thinner mushroom sauce. All the dishes were served with a selection of beautifully cooked and seasoned vegetables and potatoes.



Although the desserts looked wonderful I decided to opt for the cheese board as it looked fantastic, and it was! The waiter came round with a trolley full of French cheeses. He questioned me on my preferences in order to recommend what he thought I might enjoy. In the end I went for a very creamy cow cheese, a soft goats cheese, a blue rich cheese, a (very strong!) Camembert, and a hard cheese. The cheese was served with a selection of crackers and bread and a tomato jelly (which I was not particularly fond of). Overall my meal at Maison Bleu was exceptional, although I would only visit on special occasions due to the steep prices. 


Other main courses on offer at Maison Bleu include…

Roasted breast of Gressingham duck, celeriac and smoked streaky bacon, onion veloute.


The whole wing of skate ‘meuniere’ with capers, artichoke, sun dried tomato, lemon juice


4 stars out of 5.

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